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Established in1999, Iranian Central Oil Fields Company, is one of the five major oil and gas production companies and second gas producer in the country. This company has undertaken production and development of most onshore fields of the country located in Illam, Boshehr, Charmahal-Bakhtiari, Northern Khorasan, Khozestan, Fars, Qom, Kermanshah, Kohgiloyeh-Boyerahmad, Lorestan and Hormozgan Provinces. At present the company supplies almost half of the country's gas demand

This company is in charge of producing oil and gas from 45 gas fields and 31 oilfields. Currently, 14 gas fields and 13 oilfields in the realm of the Iranian Central Oil Fields Company are on stream. ICOFC Headquarters, based in Tehran, is responsible for making policies and adapting macro strategies for oil and gas production and development.To achieve major production objectives and in line with decentralization policy of the National Iranian Oil Company, 3 subsidiaries (South Zagros, East and West Oil and Gas Production Companies) have been authorized to produce oil and gas from ICOFC oil and gas fields


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